– NEW –

“Voe” Scarf

This long superfine-knit scarf features a geometric patchwork of tiny abstract motifs. From a distance appears as a subtle sweeping ‘blush’ of colour + tone.

Available in 3 colourways.

– NEW –

“Faro” Scarf

A contemporary, tapestry-like 2 colour pattern

Close up “Faro” recalls naive pixel- art, while from a distance evoking the ‘relaxed orderliness’ of a traditional Welsh blanket

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“Archipelago II” Scarf

Colour Block

A new ‘colour block’ variation on our best-selling “Archipelago” scarf. Evokes maritime + semaphore flags. Pair with a contrast “Beacon” Pom Hat to enhance the effect.

Available in 3 colourways


“Beacon” Pom Hat

4 Ply ribbed pom hat with a distinctive peaked silhouette. Designed to be worn individually or paired with our patterned scarves.

Available in 5 colourways.

– NEW –

“Sashiko” Shawl

A wider + shorter style than our other large scarves. It can be draped over the shoulders once, or wrapped around + knotted to create a fuller oversized look.

Available in 5 colourways.

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Our AW18 collection was designed with a relaxed mix + match approach in mind. The collection can be organised into 7 distinct Colour Groups, each with a variety of pairing options.

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