Blanket “Seaward” Ink + Coral + Haar Blue


134cm x 242cm / 53″ x 95″

100% Geelong Lambswool, spun and dyed in Scotland.

Designed in our studio in Orkney. Knitted and hand-finished to a beautifully high standard, in the Scottish Borders.

The “Seaward” Blanket was commissioned as a limited edition run, for the Pier Arts Centre. Designed in response to the work of the late landscape painter, Sylvia Wishart, the blanket features a delicate colour-blush effect, a patchwork of varying hue and intensity, created from just three colours of yarn. To find out more about the project visit our blog.

Heirloom-quality and large enough to comfortably cover a King-Size bed.

Only 100 will be made.


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