We can’t believe it’s April already!

As we’re based in such a remote and removed place, it’s really important for our business that we really make an effort we get out there, taking our knitwear to new new places to meet new people and constantly widen our horizons. March has seen a lot of mileage covered, with a trip to Aberdeen and Reykjavik.

So here is our month in Instagrams. (Read from top to bottom, left to right)


1/ Pattern in the most utilitarian of places. This month we spent a lot of time outdoors. It gets to a stage between winter and spring where I don’t care about the cold any more and just want to get out and about in the open fresh air. There’s so much to gain from getting outdoors, even if it’s cold, wet, it’s uncomfortable and you’re not really in the mood. Only then do you have the opportunities for little chance discoveries and this lovely pattern showed up on our way to visit a sea cave in Orkney’s East Mainland.

2/ This month has pretty much been yellow- themed and it’s a colour that isn’t going away any time soon! Thanks for all your orders and look out for some brand new designs and patterns coming this year.

3/ A visit to Aberdeen. Earlier this month I was invited to to speak at the “Guests at Grays” Friday lecture series. With past speakers including Holly Fulton, Donna Wilson and Freddie Robbins, I was really honoured to have been asked and really enjoyed sharing the story of my own career path (the good and the bad) with the students. I also spent some time in the studios, taking tutorials with 4th year knit students. It is safe to say the 2017 textile degree show will be one not to miss.

4/ At the end of the month we travelled to Iceland to take part in a joint exhibition and cultural exchange with a group of Highlands & Islands and Iceland – based designers. A small selection of pieces from our AW16 & AW17 collections were presented at the exhibition “Shift” as part of Iceland’s annual design festival, Design March.

5/ Just outside the cafe, Reykjavik Roasters, I think this must be one of the most photographed houses in the city – and dare I say, the most Instagrammable!

6/ After the Design March exhibitions, showcases and festivities we rented a car and headed out towards the north west on the Snaefelsness Peninsula. This part of Iceland was probably the most like Scotland – in particular Caithness & Sutherland. The weather was really unforgiving, much like your average winter’s day in Orkney so we happily braved the snow and rain, the car swapping about in the wind to see some amazing landscapes.

7/ We didn’t do the Golden Circle – instead took a bit more of an obscure route on the Reykjanes Peninsula on the second day. I was quite keen to enjoy Iceland for it’s remoteness and it’s wild and violent looking landscapes even if it meant not seeing the most famous sights on our first visit.

8/ That week Rob and I were also invited to the Reykjavik School of Visual Arts to see a lecture by visiting print designer Gabriela Sánchez from Vlisco and were given a tour around the department.

9/ A bright orange lighthouse on the peninsula at Grindavík. If you saw our original IG post you’ll have seen it was quite the journey to reach this!

We’re working on a series of blog posts about our trip to Iceland – the first of which is coming out on Thursday.

Now let’s see what April has in store…