Month: April 2017

Iceland 2 / Nordic House and more Design March

ROUNDABOUT BALTIC One of our personal highlights from Design March was a touring exhibition called Roundabout Baltic, hosted at the Alvar Aalto designed, Nordic House. The exhibition brought together over 40 designers from eight countries whose shores touch the Baltic Sea – plus Iceland as a special guest for Design March.  The concept behind the project was simple: each […]

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Iceland 1 / Design March & Getting to know Reykjavik

We’ve just returned from a week long trip to Iceland. We were invited to exhibit at Reykjavik’s brilliant ‘Design March’ festival, which was the perfect excuse to visit a country we’ve long fantasised about seeing (it’s not a holiday if you’re working, right?). The exhibition – entitled “Shift” – was curated jointly by Carol Sinclair, Emergents and ‘Design March’, and is […]

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We can’t believe it’s April already! As we’re based in such a remote and removed place, it’s really important for our business that we really make an effort we get out there, taking our knitwear to new new places to meet new people and constantly widen our horizons. March has seen a lot of mileage covered, […]

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