Knitting from the North

We’re so excited to tell you, our book ‘Knitting from the North’ has launched in the UK!


We were approached back in 2014 by Kyle Books to adapt our designs into a series of hand-knitting projects for hats, scarves, mittens and jumpers.

We worked with two local hand knitters, Ivy and Sarah to produce samples and test the patterns before technical editing by Elly Doyle. We’ve been working on this project for over 18 months, so we’re delighted to finally show you the finished result.


We shot the book entirely in Orkney, on a snowy and windy couple of days last February with the help of editor Sophie Alan, photographer Caro Weiss, models Vendela Gebbie and Louise Barrington and make up from Sharon Stephen.

Kerrie Aldo, based in Dundee, sent us some of her gorgeous waxed cotton coats to borrow for the shoot. The colours worked with the knitwear and sat against landscape so well.


We shot on locations all around Orkney, at the cliffs of Yesnaby, the harbour at St Margarets Hope, the peat hills of Harray and Dingieshowe beach on the East Mainland.


We’ll be having a launch event either in Edinburgh or Glasgow very soon so we’ll keep you posted on either our FacebookTwitter or Instagram feeds with more information!

Knitting from the North is available directly from Kyle Books on Amazon and at Waterstones and Foyles Bookshops across the UK.